About Bodystance

About Bodystance

Bodystance is a New Zealand company developing innovative products and services for the treatment and self maintenance of commonly occurring musculoskeletal problems.

How we began
Bodystance started in 2010 with the management team of Nick Laird bringing 30 years of Strategic Design, Andrew Wallace with 25 years of Industrial Design and Steve August with 35 years of Physiotherapy expertise.

Partnering with the best production teams in New Zealand our first product, the Backpod®, was released in 2012 and has sold over 25,000 units to date. In 2015 Bodystance Limited New Zealand formed a strategic alliance with an equally skilled German team and created Bodystance GmbH for management and sales of Bodystance products across Europe and UK. 

Bodystance has won numerous business, innovation and design awards, including a German Red Dot award in 2013 and a German Product Excellence Award in 2015 from the German Design Council, the only product in New Zealand’s history to have done so.

What we do
Bodystance takes innovative designs through all stages of development to global markets. We offer this service in-house or by partnering with selected clients. The company has an in depth understanding of international registration, IP protection, medical compliance and registration of products and services.